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Roomie søges for nye lejlighed i NV

I currently have a 9 sqm newly renovated room available in the pulsating neighborhood of Nordvest. It is situated on 1st floor and comes with a spacious living and kitchen area that we will both share (total apartment is 76 sqm). We have two sofas (one sleeping sofa for hosting friends) and a 6-person dining table. The kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, dishwasher and a portafilter espresso machine - for delicious espresso and cappucino every morning. Since I just moved in beginning of April, we lack a few pots&pants as well as a TV - but I/we will take care of this during the next weeks. The bathroom is large and modern with a nice rain shower. Washing machines and dryers are available in a common room and an app makes it easy to check availability and reservations. For the daily things, everything is in reach within 5 minutes on the bike: Føtex, Lidl, Netto, Metro&S train, Nørrebro Bycenter, Silvan etc. On lazy weekends, we have Flere Fugle,Tribeca, Hubbs Kitchen and Nordvest Ølbar in 5 minutes walking distance. On your late night way back home, you'll pass by 7Eleven to fetch a midnight snack. About your room: It is 9 sqm in size and comes with a large wall unit that should fit all/most of your stuff. It has two windows catching the evening sun in the summer. Furthermore, the windows have blackout curtains that can make the room quite dark. The utlilities are includede in the rent and can vary according to our consumption of energy, heating and water. A bi...