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Dorm room in 4-person communal kitchen

This is a shared dormitory room, you share two rooms per person bathroom, four per kitchen. 13 m^2 room, 37 m^2 including shared common areas. The room is located 3km from the Southern University of Denmark, perfect biking distance! In a cooperative dormitory, you buy a share from a previous resident, but must also sell it on to the next resident. From the website: What is a cooperative college? Cooperative college means that the college is an independently owned college, we own the land and buildings ourselves. When you buy a room, you own a share in the dormitory. Costs DKK 11,800 for a share (fixed price of the dormitory housing association). The rent is very cheap, housing cost per month is 1,749 kr In addition: Aconto Heat 190,00 kr Aconto Electricity 360,00 kr Aconto Water 160,00 kr Internet 51,00 kr The apartment/room is renovated after each move by the dormitory housing association. There is a basement with communal washing machines. You can contact me on my phone; 23965827